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Hiradale Pre-Primary
The Pre-Primary Section of the HFS functions as a module with a distinctive persona. Early childhood ranging between 3 and 6 years of age is the time to steer the child gently from a compact, secure and known environment to the unknown, ever unfolding world, lasting a life-time. The child needs to be equipped with the basic skills that promote observation, recognition, reasoning, and physical coordination. All of these are achieved by a firm belief in the spirit of play that is at the heart of our school programme.

During the full-fledged curriculum of the Pre-Primary Section, the child gets a wonderful platform to unabashedly face an audience. Round the year, the toddlers under guidance get an insight into the multi-cultural country that is India, by hosting celebrations of important festivals.

A child’s easy-to-carry personal belongings e.g. the toys or the day-to-day things he uses, are used in a unique way as a daily exercise in public speaking at the class level. It is the Show-n-Tell session, where in the child, eager to show to his friends his favourite thing, also gives a short description about it to the class in a few sentences. The session is popular amongst the children and the next turn is eagerly awaited.

The Talent show is a colourful individual performance by the children in a turn. They perform some talent viz. dance, poetry recitation, song, short story narration, etc to an extended audience.
There are value and moral based skits and songs hosted by classes in the weekly Assemblies.

Educational trips other than picnics complement a child’s wonderment and curiosity. The outdoor experience of sharing knowledge along with his friends and teachers, make learning an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Keeping abreast with the latest technology, children visit the A.VRoom (audio visual room). They watch value based stories, sing rhymes, answer quizes and play puzzles. Children enjoy and look forward to the AV sessions.

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ - is best demonstrated when one visits the Activity room. The room is sectioned into four corners: the Science Nook, the Good Books, the Block’s Station and the Play Pen. The children are allowed to pick their choice of section, and are encouraged to look around at the not-their-choicest-one to promote interest. The Science Nook exhibits small thought-provoking experiments e.g. sprouting of seeds / growth of a baby plant, different measures, a rainbow formation through a prism; fire needs air to burn, etc. to encourage safe exploration. The Good Books - a mini library to go through the pictures, to encourage picture composition or to read a story aloud. The Block’s Station helps to enhance concentration and encourages team work; and the Play Pen as a recreation that fuels a tiny one’s imagination!

Children’s minds are like computer’s hardware. Their brain develops the software by observing, listening, engaging in real and meaningful activities. We nurture and ensure there is a holistic development of this little software.
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