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Educational Trip to Kidzania for the Primary Section for Std. I and II
All of us have played 'pretend' as children. We used our mother's saris and dupattas and handbags. Some of us stepped into our father's shoes and coat and walked about pretending to be him. We imitated the vendors who passed by our homes calling out their wares and we pretended to be teachers, policemen and sweepers too. On our visit to Kidzania we stepped into another world. It was not about the glamour or the presentation of a world of make believe. Our children got a chance to 'pretend' to be someone else for a while. Even though that while may just have been a few minutes or maybe ten.

On our entry we were all tagged, so everyone is accounted for once inside. The children trooped inside and gazed about with eyes of wonder. There was so much going on. Kidzania was a township in itself. Once the initial wonder settled in, the children were all about the place. The streets had small establishments on either side. Each of these had trained personnel guiding and assisting the children with the activities. We saw a super market, a police station, a beauty salon, a radio station, an artist's studio, a mini theatre, a dance studio and a news reporting centre to name just a few. The children were allowed to roam freely and visit any establishment that took their fancy. A few places were very popular with most.

The hospital was one of them. One child was made to act as a patient in need of immediate help. To our amusement, most of the children acted out this scene really well. Then came in the ambulance with the siren et al. The doctors and nurses in their respective uniforms hurried out to administer first aid. The trolley stretcher was rolled out and the patient lifted, strapped in and rolled back into the ambulance. All the while the medical staff had sombre expressions on their faces. The Ambulance drove away just as quickly as it arrived. The patient was being taken care of.

Then we heard the fire engine come by with its bell clanging aloud. Fire fighters in their uniforms and safety hats were ready to do their job. They reach a two storeyed building which was on fire. The lighting in this place made us believe there was a fire raging inside. The children hosed down the place with their fire fighting equipment and got a round of applause for their good work. The engine rolled back into the fire station …………. All in a day's work!

Soon all those around were being ushered into the theatre as the show was about to commence. The performers had been training for 15-20 minutes and were ready with their act. As we settled into the very comfortable seats, the lights dimmed, the show was announced and the performance began. The children danced and portrayed interesting characters in simple but effective costumes. There was no stage fright or awkwardness though the lights were focused at them. They bowed for the applause and made their exit once they had finished.

At the barber's parlour, the children chose to trim their 'moustache' or keep a 'French beard' as these were painted on their little faces. They looked so different. The cooking academy had little chefs in their aprons and caps preparing snacks for themselves. A visit to the doughnut factory had children coming out with their own customized doughnut with their name tagged on the box. Some children visited the coke factory and prepared their own bottle of fizz! The journalists went around clicking pictures on their digital cameras and later printing a news letter with their picture / article printed on it.

Considering that the children were playing from 10 am to 1pm it was time for hunger to catch up. The lunch at Banana Leaf was sumptuous and fulfilling to say in the least. The children went home happy and longing to be back with their friends at Kidzania.

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