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Inter House Dance Competition
The Inter-House Dance Competition was held on August 03, 2013 in the Assembly Hall on the fifth floor. We had two esteemed judges Ms. Swarali Karulkar and Mrs. Ketaki Salvi. The Dances were based on different forms.

Alpha House presented 'The Conflicting Mind'
Right from conception a child is influenced by different thoughts and feelings. The child's vulnerable mind has to face negative as well as positive thoughts and vibrations at every stage of life. Each child inherently has in him both good and negative qualities. What he chooses, how he reacts and what influences him is what makes the difference finally. It is here that the home, the school and the surroundings play a major role in moulding his mind and shaping his character.
Alpha House will take you through a journey to show this duality of mind and the conflict the child faces in making the right choice.

Beta House presented the 'Story Of The Human Kind'
This is the story of the human kind. Long-long ago man was all alone. He lived, hunted, feasted all alone. He never knew the need of another person to express his emotions. Life went on… He sharpened his skills and mastered many arts. Slowly he started making companions. He discovered how to share his joys and sorrows with others. Soon, he learnt the art of getting together. They sang together, danced together and made merry. These get-togethers evolved into bigger events with communities flocking together with each person having different roles. The music forms evolved. The dance forms encompassed more people.

Our presentation - The Greek Zorba's Dance, brings out this evolution of togetherness in human life. This popular dance form is based on the Zorba's song that starts with stretching of arms and slows swaying of feet in a slow largo tempo graduating to a crescendo presto.

As we advance towards more modern society, man skilled himself in the art of expression. Our fast paced Jive dance form brings out the evolution of finer expressions between partners. As one of the five International Latin dances, Jive is a very fast paced ballroom dancing style with highly syncopated rhythm of the Triple Steps.

Friends, in today's fast paced life as each day goes by, we immerse ourselves in our mundane routines, blind to the fact that this beautiful life is just passing by. Life is too short to let it slip by, like sand between the fingers… Let's celebrate each moment, enjoy every breath and make the most of every moment that you have been bestowed upon. Let's leave behind the tired and lonely existence and move towards what we were meant to be, one world one people.

Through the last part of our presentation – The Magnificent Brazilian Samba Dance, we try to bring out the joys of sharing and celebrating life that the Brazilian Carnival is. With origin in 2/4 time and three steps to every bar, Samba is a collection of different styles. The large & colourful costumes, props and the beating drums, every moment is a festival and every day a joyous celebration of life!

Beta House presents the story of the human kind through dance forms – The Greek Zorba's Dance, Jive and The Brazilian Samba.

Delta House presented the 'Mercenary Nature of Man'
Using the popular dance forms Valicha, Flamenco and Paso Doble we bring to you a dance which highlights the mercenary nature of man as he turns into a hunter and mercilessly kills or captivates the animals.
Man has encroached into the habitats of the animals, made the helpless animals captive or killed them for commercial purposes. Through these dance forms the students are pleading with all of you to join us in our attempt to save these beautiful creations of nature and stop the protectors from turning into hunters.
Presenting before you Delta House with
Valicha, Flamenco and Paso Doble

Sigma House presented 'Peace'
On this day we the Sigmaites, present before you a compilation of three dances which centers on the importance and appeal for peace. Our first dance is the Kalinka dance, a Russian folk dance with upbeat rhythms and fast and agile movements. This dance celebrates peace and tranquility. The people are merry, contented and at bliss. There is no fear of terrorism, intimidation, ransom or destruction. No evil issue plagues the society. But peace does not last long.
Through our second dance form, the Fan dance, our dancers portray the devastation that war brings about. It depicts the Hiroshima Nagasaki bombings in the Second World War when USA bombed Hiroshima killing millions. Three days later, when Japan was still trying to comprehend the devastation, it struck again on Nagasaki mercilessly killing thousands of civilians.
Having witnessed a harrowing picture of human struggle and its futility, the people now pray for the restoration of peace. Through a solemn Sufi dance, the people hope that peace and serenity are soon restored.
Thus war only brings about annihilation but peace is the key to a blissful living!
All things that speak of heaven speak of peace as peace is a virtue, a disposition for confidence, benevolence and justice.
So sit back and enjoy.

Beta House Won the Inter-House Dance Competition

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