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Trek to Vihigaon for Std. X, XI and XII
Trek to Vihigaon 0n July 13, 2013 for Std. X, XI and XII July 13, 2013 was a perfect day for a trek. A group of 215 students of Std. X, XI and XII HFS, Thane went for a trek to Vihigaon, Kasara, accompanied by 13 teachers and the PE staff of the school.
We all assembled in the school at 6.30 a.m. We were divided into small groups and each was allotted a bus. By 6.55 a.m. we were ready for departure, in five buses. The drive to Vihigaon was long but pleasant, as we drove through the beautiful country side with the rain washed grasslands on both sides of the road. We were served breakfast on the way.

After travelling for almost two hours the bus took a turn and drove down a rough narrow road and soon we reached Vihigaon village. We could see a small, sleepy village in the vicinity with a few huts The area was covered with lush green fields, which seemed like a green carpet, spread out to welcome us.

Soon we set off on our trek, with our backpacks on our shoulders. We walked through the village, which was a typical rural sight with excited children of the village waving out to us. We were told that this village did not even have electricity. We trekked through the rice fields, rough trails, crossing small streams on the way. This was not a very difficult trek; some of us were a bit disappointed at the comfort level of the trek. However soon we were near a stream and the students enjoyed themselves splashing and playing in the water.

As we proceeded, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting us. We were informed that we were now heading towards a waterfall. We started trekking down a very steep, rocky and extremely slippery trail, deep down inside a forest. The trail led us to a picturesque waterfall. We were awestruck by the fascinating sight in front of us. This natural waterfall was cascading down with great force into a rocky area. We spent some time there enjoying the lovely cool water and the enchanting beauty of the place. Climbing up that rocky trail was an equally challenging task.

Though we were tired, the beauty and the refreshing spray of water from the gushing waterfall had rejuvenated us for the journey back home.

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