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A visit to Old Age Home
" The Interact Club and the Rotary Club members had taken the initiative for the smooth functioning of the visit to the Old Age Home.

We reached the place at around 10:45 a.m. The place was quite far and a very deserted place. All of us had practiced the old songs and dedicated these songs to the members of the home. Even they joined us in the songs and each one of them had a smile on their face as they were reminded of probably all the olden memories and old times.

After putting up a small entertainment programme for them we went in groups to their rooms and sat down to listen to what they had to say. Some of them even had tears in their eyes when they were talking about their past stories. All of us were also touched by these talks. I learnt a very good value after this trip. That is we should have due respect for the old people and lend our ears for a minute and just wait for them to express their thoughts.

Each one of them had their own reasons for coming to that place. Some of them were quite comfortable and contented while some of them were dissatisfied and upset. On seeing us almost all the old people present there remembered their grand children and this was really very touching to hear. Another things I learnt is that we should never sideline our elders because they are the ones who have shaped our personality.

Those people also play an extremely important role in the society. Moreover as they are old, they are more experienced as they have gone through ups and downs in their lives. Thus we should show some respect and take care of such people and not isolate them but make them also feel a part of the family or society.

Thus I have learnt a very great value from this trip and I hope we all will respect our elders and old people and make them feel comfortable and just not simply neglect them as they are the ones who can guide us better in our life and they will be our well-wishers throughout our life! "
Aditi Laxman (IX C)

" The Rotary Club of Hiranandani Estate and Hiranandani Foundation School organized a trip for the students of Standard 9th to the old age home in Taloja.

On reaching there all of us assembled in a hall after which we were joined by the residents of the old age home, the old people themselves. The sight of seeing them, walking alone without any moral support, some of them weak and sick made us extremely emotional.

We sang songs for them, which they really enjoyed. Soon after this, they also joined us in singing and the smiles on their faces made us very happy. After this they went back to their rooms and we were allowed to talk to each one of them to get to know their feelings. As we started interacting with some of them we realized that many of us had tears in our eyes. Everyone was extremely disturbed on listening to them. Even though they were alone, without any support, only hope seemed to keep them alive. A faint hope still lingering on, a feeling that they would probably reunite with their families some day. They could do nothing but pray to the lord almighty that the near future had something good for them. Also one of the main things to learn from them was the small contentment they had in their difficult lives. Even though their living conditions were not great they seemed to be trying to look at the positive side of the situation and live with happiness.

This trip really moved me… and remimded me of the reality of what true lfe is! We are always cribbling about what life is not offering us although we have everything! But……somewhere, a mother sits with her son’s photo in her hands, hoping that he has a good life someday he finds time to come and meet her and wipe her tears."
Samarth Jaidev (IX D)
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