Abhinav Agarwal, Delta House Captain

In the seven years of my journey in this institution, I have learnt a lot. Apart from giving me excellent knowledge this school has encouraged me to pursue my hobbies in football and athletics. It has been like a second home to me imbibing in me good moral values, praising me when I am good and helping me improve when I go wrong .The teachers are as loving as a mother.
This school has also helped me represent my talents at every stage, through the interschool competitions.

The school has excellent facilities which ensure the all-round development of the students. The school has many modern learning techniques like the Edu Comp smart board which is a better method to give a better learning experience to the students by an audio visual means. The school has excellent teachers and they can even sit with you for hours to clear a concept with fondness. The school is divided into four houses namely the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Sigma. These houses give them an experience to be a part of a group and play a role in it. The school has appointed me as the Delta House Captain for the academic year 2016-2017 and has fulfilled my dream of becoming a leader.

This school gives great opportunities to its students and also helps a student fulfill his desires.