Amsh Bharganwar, Head Boy

”The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes But in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust

Our school life at HFS, Thane is exemplified by French novelist, Marcel Proust’s statement. For me, this journey of learning new perspectives, like many of my fellow students, began when I walked into this prestigious institution as a 3 year old in Hiradale. Since then, each teacher and staff I have had the privilege of interacting with, has helped me learn something new. Our time in this school has helped my peers and I grow into strong team players with valuable communication skills.

The inter-house dance and dramatics competitions have helped us learn to stand by each other when in teams. Representing my house, in these activities has fostered a sense of togetherness in us. We have learned to put our best foot forward with preparation over a limited time. Participation in debates, elocutions have taught me how to express myself and voice my opinions. Impromptu speeches have taught me to communicate on my feet.

Besides the learning in the school, we are encouraged to participate in interschool events. Opportunities like this help us learn to excel under competitive pressure and learn practical skills. The experiences I have had at these contests, be it logic-based treasure hunts, quizzes, or just making friends from across Mumbai, have bought the best out of my abilities. The science-exhibition hosted at the school each year, besides the Think Labs kits, has helped me understand the subjects better through practical implementation of concepts. The school takes tremendous efforts to prepare us for and provide us with opportunities like these.

Soft skills need to be complemented with a healthy body and the school emphasizes this. Through their support at every level, I have been able to play at the National Level in Squash.

The school motto states, “Men Sana in Corpore Sano” meaning ‘sound mind in a sound body in a sound body’. The opportunities: academic and extra-curricular, offered by the school align with the motto. Today, as I stand at the cusp of graduating from tenth grade can proudly say that these 12 years in school could not have been any better. I believe I speak for my fellow students when I say that these years have transformed us into young men and women ready to take on the challenges the world offers.