Chitrita Nayak, Alpha House Captain (Girl)
Playing the role of Rowena, the step mother of the twelve dancing princesses was the most memorable incident in my life. This fine opportunity came to me as a special gift by my teachers who had immense confidence in me. The confidence to stand on stage and to enact the role of a stepmother in front of a huge audience, for a grade four student was commendable. This spirit was infused in me by my primary and secondary teachers who worked relentlessly on every aspect of my personality.

During the audition I had failed to bag the role of one of the princesses. I was completely disheartened. The following morning I got a pleasant surprise when my senior secondary school teacher came to my class to announce that I would be playing the role of the antagonist. This did not come easy as I was not prepared. There after teachers worked tirelessly on my diction, dialogue delivery, body language, expressions and everything for which I almost got a standing ovation.