Elina Deshpande, Sigma House Captain
Six years ago, when I was in the fourth grade, I had to prepare a poem for my English recitation. I did so with much zeal and enthusiasm because all such narrative exercises were always my favorite. The next day, my teacher called out a few names and although content with their performances, she was unmoved. She then called out my name and I recited the poem with a lot of expressions, voice modulation and articulation. On finishing, I expected a good grade and maybe a simple pat on my back. But to my pleasant surprise, my teacher smiled at me and told me, "This is why I called you. Your rendition of the poem is like a breath of fresh air." It was the best compliment I had ever got and I still cherish it every time I go on stage. It gave me the encouragement I needed for participating in multiple future events. This incident is still just a part of all the inspiration and love this school has given me, and I will always be grateful for this.