Kasturi Ghosh, Head Girl
‘The purpose of Education is to replace an Empty mind with an Open one.’

They say, school serves as a second home to all students and here at Hiranandani Foundation School, we have truly converted this statement to reality. The feeling of oneness, kinship and solidarity one experiences, right from the moment they cross the threshold to step into this institution, is truly splendiferous.

Apart from the incredible infrastructure, contemporary amenities, and state-of-the-art resources it is the avant-garde approach to activities and the ability of the school to touch lives that truly makes it stand apart.

Here at HFS, it has always been about developing a child’s overall persona and not just focus on the academic aspect. The kind of opportunities and exposure that is provided to the students is simply incomparable. I myself can say with great regard that if I have been able to come this far in life, it is solely due to the support of the school and its wonderful teachers who have guided me at every stage.

Our teachers are the pillars of our school. We have a friend, mentor and guide in our teachers. They teach us with all their heart and soul. Their constant endeavours, perseverance and guidance have made our school reach great heights and rank amongst the best schools of India. Our Principal Ma'am has been a great inspiring figure for all of us students. Her address to the students during the assemblies and other occasions stimulates all of us with energy and enthusiasm to face the day and overcome all our challenges. Her words encourage and empower us and help us to pursue our passions.

Recently, I was selected to represent Mumbai at the National level of a contest organized by Microsoft, USA. When I stood at that platform as an ambassador of my school and the city, I felt immense pride in the fact that my school had shaped me to be a strong woman of the world. Some time ago too, I had taken part in a Personality Contest and was stumped at first when I saw the crowd I was to compete with. Most of the participants were older than me, dressed in couture and left me unsure of myself for moment. But it just took a deep breath and recollection of the confidence I had been instilled with at school since I was a wobbly toddler and lo! I made it to the Top 5.

Therefore, I believe HFS has played a great role in enhancing all our personalities, to create independent strong individuals who will be able to uphold virtues of courage, sacrifice and honesty despite the harsh adversities of the world.

'Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world’