Pratyush Patro, Beta House Captain
Eleven year have elapsed since I joined Hiranandani Foundation School as a small boy in a totally new environment. Coming from a remote township into a cosmopolitan set-up posed immense challenges for me in adjusting to the new surroundings. But all credit to my teachers, the school staff and my classmates who helped create a friendly ambience that enabled me to quickly adapt and merge into the school settings in next to no time. The journey from Senior KG to Standard X has been a constant process of enriching myself in terms of knowledge, general awareness and extra-curricular skills.

As I progressed at School and started to understand things beyond the class-room, I started noticing some of my seniors moving around in School with a blazer sometimes. I also noticed that not all wore a blazer to school. It was then that I started realizing that one has to doing something special or beyond the ordinary to deserve the right to wear a blazer. And I promised myself that one day I will don such a blazer.

Right from my childhood, I had taken a fancy to cricket. Whether I was influenced by my father’s passion for the game or the very fact that it was the most played game in the society premises is not the issue but the fact remains that I took to cricket like a fish to water. My parents extended all the encouragement and support that I required to develop my game. My School went a step further and appointed a professional coach to train and fine-tune my cricketing skills. The result – very soon I had started representing the School at various Sports meets and competitions. Whatever I am as a cricketer today is due to the great philosophy of the School of creating not just academically good students but all-rounded personalities.

January 26th 2016 will remain etched in my memory for all times to come. It was on this day that my dream of wearing the School blazer came true. The announcement had been made a few days earlier. On 26th morning, in the presence of School authorities, my fellow students and their parents, I was anointed as the “Beta House” captain and took the pledge to dedicate myself to uphold the rich tradition of the School and work towards the success of “my House”.

As the saying goes “With great power come great responsibilities”. I have and will continue to relentlessly work towards living up to the high expectations of the School, teachers and my parents.