Shradha Shriram, Sports Captain
School is said to be our second home and teachers are our extended parents. This statement is so true.

In our life school plays a very important role on developing a person’s character. I feel really proud to be a hiraite!!! I was thrilled when I was announced as the Sports Captain of the school for the year 2016-17 … I was on cloud 9!!.... The thought itself made me feel so proud and that the teachers, Principal ma’am found me worthy of this post!! The school teachers have always catered to our needs and requirements. Nobody is more supportive than my dear teachers who see to it that we all are comfortable in the environment and who themselves are so excited and cheerful when it comes to their respective houses and other activities. This school has given me so many opportunities to showcase my talents. When I interact with other school students, I realize how lucky we are to be the students of HFS with the best of facilities. I have emerged as a national Basketball player and have been representing Maharashtra for the past two years. Definitely it would not be possible without the support of our dear Principal ma’am, my coaches and the P. E. department. My school not only focuses on academics but even the all-round development of every child which is so very important. Right from debates to dramatics there are numerous activities. The school encourages and motivates us in all our endeavours. Now it’s my turn to repay the school. I have to shoulder all responsibilities that the school has given me so that I make them hold their heads high with pride and live up to all their expectations. In this one year I want to do all that I can for my school and when I pass out I will definitely leave with wonderful memories that will be cherished forever!!