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  • Let your thoughts shape your vision.
  • Explore the real meaning of knowledge.
  • Everything is within your power,
    & your power is within you.
  • We inspire the aspire within you.
  • Expand your horizon,
    Inflame your intellect.
  • Cherish your School Life,
    Let us make it memorable.
  • Awards & Accreditations
    We are what we believe in.

Aditi Pawar (12th Std)

Student Speak

"My journey with HFS started five years ago; but strangely, I am having a difficult time recollecting my pre-HFS days. Such is the energy of this institution that, over the years, I have been infused with its spirit. This spirit, an amalgamation of the feelings of oneness and belonging, with a healthy competitive streak mixed in for good measure, is the reason we perform exceptionally well at inter-school fests and sporting events. There is never a dearth of cheerleaders here, and everyone has got each other’s back!
Days at HFS overflow with opportunities to hone our skills, and with challenges that chip away at our base qualities, ensuring that we are no longer diamonds in the rough. I am utterly grateful for the elocution, drama, creative writing, quiz and dance competitions- events that made me shed my inhibitions and helped me discover the wings I never thought I had. “School” feels like a rudimentary term, because HFS is so much more than just an impressive building with a stone façade and lovely ivy vines giving it a sombre and dignified look. It is the people who make our school what it is. Principal, teachers, students and staff collectively personify the commendable qualities of excellence, sincerity, and perseverance. The quality of education at HFS Thane, which places equal emphasis on academics, moral studies and the all-round development of the students, spurs Hiraites to aim for the stars, with their feet planted firmly on the ground."

Student Council Body

Soham Pathak - Head Boy
Soham Pathak
Head Boy
Malavika Desai - Head Girl
Malavika Desai
Head Girl
Prakhar Langer - Sports Captain
Prakhar Langer
Sports Captain
Niyati Bist - Sports Captain
Niyati Bist
Sports Captain

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Award of Scholarship for Higher Education

Award of Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) under Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)

Immanuel Williams
Immanuel Williams
Manleen Kaur Gujral
Manleen Kaur Gujral
Sarang Iyer
Sarang Iyer
Ishika Verma
Ishika Verma
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