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Alumni reunion is more like a HOME-COMING!!.

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Morning Assembly Conducted by the Alumni Association Body
June 13th 2019

Alumni Meet 2017 (Sports Meet)
July 02nd 2017

The 2nd Alumni Meet was a Sports Meet planned, organized and executed by the Alumni Association Body 2016.Batches from 2004 to 2014 were invited for this meet.The Facebook page was used to spread the word.

Different Inter House Sports activities such as Football, Basketball and Throwball were organized. Students played for their houses Alpha Beta Delta and Sigma and enjoyed the spirit of the games.

It was an eventful morning with the Inter House Alumni Cock House Trophy going to the Beta House.
There was a small get together planned the same evening where the Ex students organized a short entertainment programme. The Second Body of the Alumni Association comprising of 13 members was elected on this day.

The Alumni Association Body has already planned activities for the year 2018 and is in the process of planning. Along with Facebook, they are also using the Instagram App to promote and spread the word.

Alumni Meet 2016 (Reminisce)
July 02nd 2016

The Alumni Meet 2016 was a huge get together held in the school premises which brought together all ICSE batches from 2004 to 2013. It was a enormous turnout with students flying in from different parts of the country to attend it. Invitations for the same were sent by the in charge teachers Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Jaidev using the social media app FACEBOOK.

A Facebook page called Hfs Thane Alumni was also created for quick communication and dissemination of information. A beautiful decorated school welcomed the Ex-students back to their Alma Mater.
Our Chairman Mr. Surendra Hiranandani was present too. He interacted and spoke to the student body.

A DJ dance night was followed by dinner for all present. The First Body of the Alumni Association comprising of 13 members was elected on this day.

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