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It takes big heart to shape little minds!

The Pre-Primary Section of the HFS functions as a module with a distinctive persona. Early childhood ranging between 3 and 6 years of age is the time to steer the child gently from a compact, secure and known environment to the unknown, ever unfolding world, lasting a life-time.

The child needs to be equipped with the basic skills that promote observation, recognition, reasoning, and physical coordination. All of these are achieved by a firm belief in the spirit of play that is at the heart of our school programme.

During the full-fledged curriculum of the Pre-Primary Section, the child gets a wonderful platform to unabashedly face an audience. Round the year, the toddlers under guidance get an insight into the multi-cultural country that is India, by hosting celebrations of important festivals, Show-n-Tell sessions, Talent shows, Assemblies.

Children’s minds are like computer’s hardware. Their brain develops the software by observing, listening, engaging in real and meaningful activities such as Educational trips, Picnics and Science Nook exhibits. We nurture and ensure there is a holistic development of this little software.

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